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"Why should I take Karate over other activities?"

Kids age 5 and up will experience the following benefits...and more!

Karate is NOT just for kids; teens and adults will benefit from training too!

Hello...I am Master Steven Elmore

I have trained in karate for 33 years and taught the martial art for 22 years

Prior to becoming full-time karate instructor, I earned a graduate degree in aerospace engineering and worked as, you guessed it...a rocket scientist.

After several years of being a super nerd, I decided to make the leap and teach karate for a living. That was 14 years ago and I have never looked back.

Over the years I have taught 1000s of students from as young as 3 years old to those in their 70s. I have promoted over 100 students to black belt, had 50 national champions, 11 world champions, and one student become a 5-time world champion.

I traveled the world teaching technical skills, teaching methods, and studio management.

I started teaching karate in 1999 and have not stopped since. I have been teaching 10-20 hours of classes per week continuously over the last 20+ years. To say I have experience is an understatement.

In all those years I have taught students as young as 4 all the way to students in their 70s. Some of my students have stayed training with me for over 15 years. I have even had two students reach the rank of 4th degree black belt-master.

After all this time, I still have a passion for teaching the art of Tang Soo Do and have dedicated my life to it. I hope you will join me and see for yourself how this wonderful art can change your life too.

Hear what actual students have to say...

I would like to give my compliment to Master Elmore. You guide me step by step through the lessons. I follow it with enthusiasm. It keeps me fit and positive during this time we are all in.

— Patrick L.

Master Elmore is a phenomenal leader and his approach to instruction and management (honest, open, disciplined, humorous, genuine, firm-but-patient) really sets the tone of the program.

— Michelle W.

We appreciate the consistent manner in which classes are conducted- Master Elmore focuses students to both have fun and learn, and let those two factors compound to benefit their abilities. I'm thankful for the family atmosphere that also doesn't shy away from pushing the students do their best.

— Tim T.

Master Elmore is incredibly consistent and emphasizes character as well as martial arts skills. Attendance has improved concentration and ability to deal with set backs. Whole families can attend together so you don't have to find a separate time to work out from your kids.

— Denise V.

I am so happy we tried this. We are getting so much out of the program.

— Kristin G.

"Why should I train at Evergreen Tang Soo Do Academy?"

What makes this place so special?


Master Elmore has literally over 10,000 hours of teaching experience. He has traveled the world teaching at clinics and seminars. He is also a former tournament champion with over 60 top 3 finishes in karate competitions from 1998-2003. He still teaches nearly 100% of the classes at the studio as well!


Evergreen Tang Soo Do Academy is a full-time, professional karate studio. Instructors go through rigorous training and certification procedures. Classes are held 5 days a week with several times to choose from. Master Elmore goes out of his way to communicate requirements, expectations, as well as routinely checks in with students to ensure they are progressing and reaching their goals.


We are a tight knit group of like-minded individuals. We are caring and compassionate towards one another just like a family. One of the great things about our studio is we don't care about race, gender, politics, sexual orientation, or any thing else. We have a culture of respecting one another and once we bow in to class, all of those other things get left at the door.

We do events and fundraiser to help our community such as food drives, school supply drives, bake sales, and much more.

We work hard and play hard!

So, to answer the initial question of why choose Evergreen Tang Soo Do over other martial arts studios, it's simple, there are no other studios in West Seattle with the experience, professionalism, and community that we have established since opening in 2004.


Train With Us For 10 Days


Attend as many classes as you want during the 10 days!

Students are welcome to attend as many classes each week as they want. We have classes 5 days a week with over 15 hours of training sessions available. To see a list of all of our classes, click here.

Safety and cleanliness are our top priority. We never put students in situations that will make them uncomfortable or cause injury. We have strict rules and guidelines for students and instructors to ensure safety and cleanliness. We thoroughly clean the entire studio including any equipment every day.

Our classes consist of many different areas. At the beginner level, students will focus primarily on basic techniques such as blocks, strikes, kicks, and stances. We also get started with forms which are patterns of techniques that have a significant application. As a student progresses, more sparring and self-defense techniques are incorporated. We firmly believe a strong foundation in basic techniques is essential for long term success.

All students that enroll will receive comprehensive student manual consisting of the history, philosophy, and terminology associated with learning the art of Tang Soo Do. This document is over 100 pages and is just one way that shows our art is more than just a physical sport.

Tang Soo Do is a traditional martial arts. In addition to learning the physical techniques of self-defense, we also learn how to cultivate a better sense of self as well as respect for others. We have etiquette and procedures in place that were handed down to us from the originators of Tang Soo Do over 100 years ago.

After joining Evergreen Tang Soo Do, you instantly become a member or our family. We train together, have fun together, push each other to our limits, pick each other up when we fall down, laugh together, and celebrate our successes together. It is truly a one of a kind group of people.

And today only, you have the opportunity to experience all of this for 10 days!

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FREE BONUS - Purpose of Tang Soo Do Karate

As an added bonus, if you enroll today (remember it's free), I will throw in another freebie, my book on the purpose of Tang Soo Do training and how it forms a complete self-defense system. This book will give you clarity and a better understanding of why we do certain things in our training.

Are you going to become a Karate master instantly? No, but if you’ve read this far, then you already know that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

And right now, you’re standing at the very start of that path, and all you have to do is commit to taking that first step, and then the next…

Then before you know it you’ll have reached a level of existence which you thought was reserved only for those ‘other people’.

I will be your guide, as I have been for hundreds of other students.

But the path will test you, it will force you to grow and become a greater version of yourself. 

If that sounds like hard work - you’re right, it is - but it’s also the most rewarding thing you can ever do.

This is an opportunity for a small number of people to reclaim their right to do something for themselves.

After all, if you’re not becoming the best you can be, who’s going to do it for you? 

It’s up to you to grab tight hold of the reins of your life and point it in the direction of personal growth - after all, your life depends on it.

Spaces are limited due to my time availability. I like to work with each student personally to help them overcome any difficulties they may be having.

Once the training begins, try it for 10 days.

But if after 10 days you don’t feel a growing sense of pride, achievement and self-respect (not to mention the other benefits) then the give us back the uniform and we will give you full refund.

That’s right. If you feel you haven't begun to make the progress I have promised, then you can just let me know and I’ll return your money - no questions asked. 

That just shows how confident I am that this training will work for you if you work for it. 

At the same time, I want to make sure I’m being very clear: make no mistake, this program takes work and if you’re the type of person who can’t dedicate their time to radically changing their body and their mind, then please, do not participate in this training.

But for those of you who are serious, for those who are ready to put in the effort, Evergreen Tang Soo Do Academy will develop your discipline, fitness and confidence better than anything you’ve ever experienced - guaranteed.